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Combine techniques

Using a combination of the above techniques creates a very strong design. This room is so expertly done and supports the art so uniquely. The large black rectangle of the art is found in the shape of the pillows and again in the pattern in the rug. Notice how the art is not centered behind the sofa. That staggering of rectangles is picked up in the pattern of the rug — in the placement of the pillows to one end of the sofa — and again in the off-center placement of the coffee table. It combines repetition of color, repetition of shape, and furniture placement to add emphasis.

The sculpture in the corner and the painting share several colors so they work beautifully together. A very subtle touch is the shape of the black chandelier repeating the curves of the women’s bustiers in the painting. Subtle, but very effective.

Here Is How We Can Help

Here are techniques, we will use for your décor to support your art and make it even better.

  1. Repetition of color and line.
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  2. Balance of color.
    Carrying that balance of color though the furnishings spreads the influence of the painting
  3. Multiple works of art.
    Combining multiple works of art by the same artist or that have a very similar style creates greater impact. Together they create a stronger look than each would have by itself.
  4. Furniture placement.
    Placement of your art is important, but so is the placement of your other furnishings around the art. This painting would have looked great on the wall all by itself. But the wavy bench underlines the painting and gives it emphasis, the same as underlining a word in a sentence.
  5. Reflection.
    Through the placement of mirrors on the wall and ceiling, walking down the hall you get this painting repeated in reverse and upside down. It’s a pretty dramatic way to get you noticing the reflections then studying the painting to see how it looks when it isn’t turned upside down and backwards.
  6. . Restraint.
    Sometimes you can support art by just exercising some restraint and letting it be the star of the room. By keeping the sofa, chair, wall color, lampshade and rug in a monochromatic scheme, the designer gives your eye someplace to rest. In this case, because of the level of detail in the art, picking up colors and shapes in accessories would actually distract.
  7. The color palette.
    Going beyond just picking up a single color from a painting, this room has used all of the colors in the art for the room’s entire color palette. This artwork is by the homeowner, so she was able to surround herself with colors that she loves. The rug seems to pick up all of the colors of the painting on the left. I wonder if it is custom or just a very lucky find?
  8. Style.
    The art above the stairs is contemporary, with clear and bright colors. The yellow open stair treads feel just as fresh as the artwork and complements it beautifully. The style of the artwork is soft and serene. The style of the decor complements it beautifully with the same muted color palette and soft velvety textures.
  9. Lighting.
    Most people realize that putting a spotlight on your art will highlight it and make it stand out.




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